Dienstag, 18. März 2014

‘Arctic 30’ bring case to European Court of Human Rights

(LEXEGESE) - According to Greenpeace, the group of Greenpeace activists and freelance journalists who collectively became known as the ‘Arctic 30’ applied to the European Court of Human Rights requesting damages from the Russian Federation, as well as a declaration that their apprehension and detention were unlawful on 17th March 2014. 

The application asks the European Court to make a declaratory judgment that the Russian Federation breached their rights under the ECHR, i.e. liberty (Article 5) and freedom of expression (Article 10).

Lawyer Sergey Golubok, acting on behalf of the Arctic 30, is of the opinion that the Arctic 30 were apprehended and detained in flagrant violation of applicable international and Russian laws. The reaction of the Russian authorities was completely disproportionate to the peaceful protest that took place. 

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