Freitag, 29. November 2013

ENTSO-E has published its Winter Outlook 2013/14 and Summer Review 2013

(LEXEGESE) - On 28 November 2013, ENTSO-E has published its Winter Outlook 2013/14 and Summer Review 2013 (PDF). The Report, published annually, presents the views of Europe's electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) regarding national or regional security of supply for the winter period, and highlights possibilities for neighbouring countries to contribute to generation/demand balance in critical situations. It also provides an overview of the main events which occurred during the previous summer period.

The main findings of this year’s Report include:
  • TSOs report that Europe is sufficiently supplied with generation to meet both normal and severe scenarios this coming winter.
  • While various countries may require imports to cover the expected demand, cross-border capacity is expected to be sufficient to accommodate them.
  • In general, margins in the European power system for coming winter are expected to be higher than when compared to winter 2012/13 (according to the same assumptions).
The reasons for this year’s higher margins when compared to last year are fivefold:
  • Levels of reliably available generation capacity are higher according to the information available to TSOs at the time of production of this report;
  • No major unplanned outages are identified;
  • The amount of mothballed units, including CCGT, is tolerable for this coming winter;
  • Hydrological conditions in the South-East European region (where the share of hydro generation is relatively high) seem good;
  • Expected peak loads show a very slight decrease compared to last winter.
This year’s Report also highlights the contribution of interconnection to overall system stability. The Report highlights the fact that during certain weeks over the winter, it may be necessary to reduce excess generation in various countries as a result of insufficient cross-border export capability. Therefore, the transmission of power through the cross-border interconnectors becomes more important for system security.

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