Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Lithuania: new FiT rates introduced

(RES LEGAL) - In Lithuania, renewable electricity generation is promoted through a feed-in tariff. According to the National Control Commission for Prices and Energy (NCC), the operators of renewable electricity generation plants are entitled against the grid operator to payment for electricity exported to the grid. All electricity produced by RES plants whose total installed capacity does not exceed 10 kW shall be purchased at the feed-in tariff set by the NCC. Feed-in tariff contracts for the operators of RES plants with a total installed capacity exceeding 10 kW are awarded through tenders. Tariff rates for RES plants with a generating capacity of up to 10 kW and maximum tariff rates for RES plants exceeding 10 kW on a quarterly basis shall be set by the NCC. The feed-in tariffs are guaranteed for 12 years. Except for electricity generated from geothermal power technologies, all renewable generation technologies are eligible for this support scheme (Chapter III Art. 13 Par. 3, Chapter III Art. 20 Par. 2, 3 Law on Energy from Renewable Sources). For more informtation see here.


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