Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Finland: new subsidies for RES installations under the energy-aid programme has been introduced.

(Res Legal) - The so-called "energy aid“ is a state grant for investments in RES production facilities and research projects related to it. Grants are available for projects, which promote the use or production of renewable energies, advance energy efficiency and reduce the environmental effects caused by energy production and use (§ 3, § 5 Regulation No. 1063/2012). At least 25% of the projects’ financing must come from non-governmental funds. Energy aid may be granted to companies, municipalities and other communities. 

According to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, all technologies are eligible for grants. Grants are available for investments in renewable energy generation facilities and to conduct research related to different environmental and energy projects, such as energy audits, analysis of the new methods and development of services. (§ 3 Regulation No. 1063/2012). The projects need to either promote the use or production of renewable energies; advance energy efficiency and energy saving or reduce the environmental effects caused by energy production and use (§ 5 Regulation No. 1063/2012).Among other costs, the costs for preparation, administrative planning and employment are eligible for subsidies (§ 10 Regulation No.1063/2012). 

The amount of subsidy depends on the aim of the project in question. The support allocated to investments in renewable energy production facilities can make up to 30% of the project’s overall cost, but can increase up to 40% in case the project involves the use of new technology. The support allocated to research can make up to 40% of the project’s total cost (§ 7 Regulation No. 1063/2012). A company or entity receiving the subsidy has to finance at least 25% of the total project costs from non-state funding (§ 5 Regulation No. 1063/2012).

For additional information see here.

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