Montag, 8. April 2013

ENTSO-E Publishes the Scenario Outlook and Adequacy Forecast 2013-2030

(LEXEGESE) - According to ENTSO-E, 38 GW of reliably available capacity are needed in the European system until 2020 in addition to the confirmed investments in generation in order to maintain the current adequacy levels. Depending on the penetration of variable generation to the overall energy mix, this could imply that the level of needed investments in installed capacity is significantly higher. ENTSO-E’s Scenario Outlook & Adequacy Forecast 2013 (SO&AF) 2013-2030 released on 3 April 2013 shows that, under the European TSOs’ best estimates of the load and generation evolution, generation adequacy will be maintained in 2020.

SO&AF 2013 contains quantitative data on two Visions for 2030, providing a bridge between the EU energy targets in 2020 and 2050. Vision 1 (“Slow Progress”) and Vision 3 (“Green Transition”) are based on distinctively different assumptions; together with Visions 2 (“Money Rules”) and 4 (“Green Revolution”) they aim to provide the boundaries within which the actual future evolution of the system is expected to lie. The last two Visions will be quantified in SO&AF 2014 as part of the TYNDP 2014 package.

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