Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Conference Announcement: The completion of the internal energy market by 2014: feasible or illusory?

In light of the ”Communication on the internal energy market” released by the European Commission in November 2012, Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations and the Development Group are going to hold a Symposium on 21st February 2013, at CCE - Conseil Central de l'Économie/Central Economic Council in Brussels. The Symposium is the launch of a series of meetings dedicated to "Energy transition - A multifaceted challenge for Europe" and it will focus on the specific and concrete issues linked to the liberalisation, integration and (de/re)regulation of gas and electricity markets within the whole European Union. 

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Among a wide range of issues related to the finalisation of the EU internal markets for gas and electricity, the Symposium will address key questions as: How to combine both liberalisation and integration of the EU internal market? Why did liberalisation not succeed in its objective of bringing the energy prices down? Will Member States be able to implement the EU legislation (third energy package) by 2014? What should be done in terms of enforcement? And last but not least, is the European Commission taking the right initiatives in its Action Plan 2014? 

It is opened up by Inge Bernaerts, Head of Unit Internal Market II: Wholesale Markets; Electricity and Gas, DG Energy, European Commission, who will present the main aspects of this communication. Afterwards Jerzy Buzek, MEP and Rapporteur for the European Parliament on “Making the Internal Energy Market Work” will present his perspective. 

Subsequently, representatives of the industry, the academic side and consumer associations will present their perspectives in two sessions. The first one will focus on the achievements and remaining obstacles, while the second one is addressed to the solutions needed for the completion of the EU internal energy market. Thus, it’s the Symposium’s main objective to set up an intense debate bringing together the views of the industry and other energy stakeholders from Brussels and beyond with those of EU decision makers.

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