Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

ENTSO-E submits Capacity Allocation & Congestion Management network code to ACER

On 27 September 2012, ENTSO-E submitted the CACM network code to ACER. Following unanimous approval of the network code by the ENTSO-E General Assembly. The CACM network code translates the vision of the European Target Model for electricity into practical rules for further implementation. 

The CACM network code is the second network code to be developed by ENTSO-E and sets out rules which will facilitate the completion of the Internal Market in electricity. These rules cover the operation of Day Ahead and Intraday Markets, the calculation of capacity in a coordinated manner and the definition of Bidding Zones. According to ENTSO-E, the CACM network code represents an important step in implementing a ‘Target Model’ for the design of European electricity markets. The implementation of the Target Model (which also includes forward and balancing markets which are being addressed in separate network codes currently under development) will use transmission capacity in a more efficient way, promote the integration of renewable energy, enhance competition and has the potential to deliver significant benefits to customers.

The code has been developed over the last year involving stakeholders at every stage and therefore reflects a broad range of views. The final Network Code is accompanied by an explanatory paper outlining the context for the code; explaining changes that have been made in light of stakeholder comments; providing a set of frequently asked questions and demonstrating that the network code complies with the ACER Framework Guidelines on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management.

The CACM network code will now be subject to a three month evaluation period by ACER. Provided that a positive opinion is given, the code will pass to the European Commission and will become law after progressing through the Comitology process.

Source: ENTSO-E

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