Montag, 9. Juli 2012

ENTSO-E releases the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2012

ENTSO-E released on 5 July 2012 the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2012 (TYNDP) and submited it to ACER for Opinion in line with Reg. (EC) 714/2009. As in the 2010 version, cumbersome permit-granting procedures and a lack of public acceptance for power lines are presently the most relevant obstacles. Extending the grid by only 1.3% a year enables adding 3% generation capacity and the reliable integration of 125 GW of renewable energy sources. For less than 2ct per kWh of end-users’ electricity bills over the decade, the TYNDP 2012 proposed investments allow achieving the EU energy and climate goals in the most efficient and secure way.

Responding to stakeholders’ request for a more comprehensive and clear presentation, the TYNDP 2012 is a package comprising 8 documents: the Scenario Outlook and Adequacy Forecast, six Regional Investment Plans, and the pan-European TYNDP report. The TYNDP 2012 shows that, consistent with the assumptions of the European Commission, €104 bn need to be invested in the refurbishment or construction of roughly 52 000 km of extra high voltage power lines and cables. These are clustered into 100 major investment projects across Europe. The fast and massive development of renewable energy sources (RES) drives larger, more volatile, power flows over longer distances across Europe and is responsible for 80 out of 100 identified bottlenecks.

Source: ENTSO-E

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