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ENTSO-E: Finalization of Network Code for Requirements for Grid Connection applicable to all Generators

ENTSO-E publishes its proposal for the Network Code for Requirements for Grid Connection applicable to all Generators (» NC RfG), as submitted to the ENTSO-E Assembly for approval on 26 June. As a result of stakeholders’ comments, this version of the NC RFG includes significant updates and improvements from the version that was published in advance of the public web-consultation in January 2012. 

Concluding the extensive consultation process that started in 2009, ENTSO-E will host a meeting of the NC RfG User Group on Thursday 28 June 2012 in Brussels to present the reasoning for choices made on the key issues discussed in earlier User Group meetings. In line with the European Commission’s mandate letter, ENTSO-E is to submit the Network Code to ACER by end of June 2012.

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ENTSO-E held two NC RfG User Group meetings in the weeks following the formal web based consultation which was held between 24 January and 20 March 2012, to discuss with stakeholders their key issues and their proposed amendments to the code. All relevant material of these two meetings is publicly available on » ENTSO-E’s website. Following an open call for membership of the User Group published at the end of January 2012, the NC RfG User Group was established with representatives of European-wide associations of the various sectors impacted by this Network Code including: CEDEC, COGEN Europe, EPIA, EUR, Eurelectric DSO, Eurelectric WG Thermal, EUROMOT, EUTurbines, EWEA, Geode, IFIEC and VGB Powertech. The User Group meetings have also been attended by representatives of ACER, the EC and CENELEC as observers in this phase of the Network Code development.

Based on ENTSO-E presentations of the final proposal of this Network Code, the RfG User Group meeting on 28 June 2012 will discuss the underlying reasoning with respect to stakeholder key issues. All User Group members will receive an invitation for this event. The outcome of this meeting will be published shortly afterwards.

On 12 June, the final proposal for the NC RfG was submitted to the ENTSO-E Assembly for internal approval on 26 June 2012 in line with ENTSO-E’s » Network Code Development Process. To provide the wider context within which this Network Code has been developed, ENTSO-E publishes also a » draft paper entitled “NC RfG in view of the future European electricity system and the Third Package network codes”.

The final NC RfG, as well as its supporting documentation, will be published at the end of June when ENTSO-E will submit the final NC RfG to ACER for a three month evaluation period as prescribed in Regulation (EC) 714/2009.

Source: ENTSO-E

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