Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

New EU-Programme for the Environment and Climate Action

The EU-Commission proposes to allocate EUR 3.2 billion over 2014-2020 to a new Programme for the Environment and Climate Action - LIFE. The proposed new programme will build on the the existing LIFE+ Programme but will be reformed to have a greater impact, be simpler and more flexible and have a significantly increased budget. The LIFE Programme is consiederd a key to designing better environmental policy. The EU is reforming the programme to deliver greater impact by mobilising support in an integrated way from other funding sources. The EU-Commission intends to triple the funds for climate in the new programme and to increase the support to regional low-carbon and climate-resilience strategies and small-scale climate projects by SMEs, NGOs and local authorities. LIFE, can also leverage other European and national funds for climate action.

Source: Commission 
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