Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2011

ENTSO-E releases its Position Paper on a Framework regarding Electricity Highways

The paper Framework regarding Electricity Highways identifies the main tools enabling transmission system operators (TSOs) to keep up with the objective of the European Commission (EC) to accelerate designing, planning and building the electricity highways system. The time horizon of the framework covers the period after the Ten Year Network Development Plan - TYNDP (i.e. post 2020).

The tool advocated by ENTSO-E`s TSOs is to assess how a pan-European electricity highways system will be built over a time horizon to 2050, is a study roadmap with work packages towards a Modular Development Plan on a pan-European Electricity Highways System 2050. Based on this study, the modular development plan will be developed by a consortium consisting of 26 European members which includes ENTSO-E and its member TSOs, relevant associations, institutes, universities etc. within the “e-Highway2050” project. 
Source and further information: ENTSO-E
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